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Change of Seasons

It’s been quite a couple of weeks. I’ve had a few changes here at home. My Alexia left back to Dublin to continue her studies. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

I miss her dearly but I’m so happy for her!

Other Angels have infiltrated my life. Albeit hard to need them, I’m a blessed person…and have a great team.

I also had a wonderful visit from my friend Michelle from Dallas. It was truly wonderful to see her. 💕

My talented and dear friend Thomas now comes every Monday to paint with me. We admire each others’ work, laugh, and talk about anything and everything. He’s truly a gem!

On another note, I finished a couple of commissioned pieces. With my hands tiring (because I’m always overdoing it, but what’s new 😛) and my painstaking wish to create someone’s vision, it takes a bit of time. 🦋🦋 Their response though, when they see the final product, fills my soul. The same happens when somebody sees one of my pieces and it somehow touches or speaks to them. I feel then, that it has to be theirs - that my painting has found its home. 🙃

As my friend Mark said about my artwork, he imagines that I wake up, say hello to the day and see what flows out.

He’s not wrong.

There are some days that the creative and/or inspirational juices aren’t flowing…or I’m in pain and tired…and then some thing will inspire me. That’s when I paint 🎨.

As the people that help me notice, a new painting may flow like river water in one direction until it’s finished. Or, I may start a painting that ends up taking a trajectory that I couldn’t have envisioned. Both are exciting to do!!

I’ve never been one to draw within the lines, nor been excited about the mundane…if you’re wondering that’s why I don’t paint the same type of thing over and over again.

Due to circumstances my daily life is pretty boring - but not so with painting…

This is where I get to dream, hope, connect, explore and imagine possibilities. I’m so grateful for that freedom. Even more so, I’m grateful to share that journey with you!

Thank you for allowing me to do that and your continual support.


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