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Cousin Robin

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

I am so excited to finally give something to my beautiful cousin Robin - as she has given so much of herself to me over the years. 🤗💕

Doesn’t she look awesome with the apropos title for her painting, “Free Spirit?”

She is not only my cousin, but has been a true friend throughout my life…especially when she moved to Washington DC to go to Howard Howard school. We got to spend so much time together and I’ll always cherish those fun DC years with her!

As her cousin I get to brag about her all the time… She is and has always been a passionate, intellectual, and civil rights activist powerhouse – graduating Valedictorian of her law school class (a proud moment and honor to witness), and then making a name for herself in a stellar career defending death row inmates. She has even argued in front of the Supreme Court.

I admire her tenacity, unabashed passion and authenticity, enormous heart, fearless free spirit, and awesome sense of humor.

Most of all I thankful for her unconditional love.

She is truly one of a kind and has been one of my greatest inspirations.

Aren’t we adorable? 😛

Love ❤️ you Cousin Robin!!

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