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Finding Inspiration Everywhere

First of all thank you for all of your love and support. I wish you all the happiest of holidays. 🎄🎁🎅🕎

It’s not easy to paint as much but I love it, it’s worth it and I hope you are enjoying my creations! If not that’s okay too 🤪

So, occasionally, I get to get out of my apartment (art studio/medical supply company 😜😜😜) thanks to my awesome caregivers. One of them is Sarah and we have been, each time we go there, exploring different parts of Balboa Park.

Below are some of the pictures and it gives me inspiration - these different parts of one San Diego’s best sites! It’s historic, enormous and beautiful. Seeing nature is divine to me… and these little trips mean so much.

Many of you know, I used to be a writer when I could use my hands and body better but then had to stop,

However, I just couldn’t resist writing about (Voice texting) the experience we had the other day. Now I would like to share it with you!

Secret Garden

The warmth of the morning sun, the birds flitting about, eating the berries and wandering from tree to tree.

There are too many colorful breasted species to count.

A warm sense of peace abounds.

The lion fountain pours water through its majestic snout down to the glistening crystal clear stucco pond with its perfectly smoothed stones resting atop each other.

A sedating view and calming sound this fountain.

One could sit for hours gazing and listening. One could soak in the crisp air and sun forever. One could…

Looking up and out in the near distance, the sand colored Spanish architecture pokes out through the trees. How many years old are could those beautifully architectured buildings be?

At the edge of the garden stands a white statured wishing well.

We cannot resist.

Two pennies - one for Sarah and one for me. I hesitate with rushing thoughts of what my wish would be.  Too many things to wish for. Too many things…

I take a deep breath and finally, finally settle on my wish. I send the penny forth and drop it into the well.


Looking around again and taking in the scene, I stop and am astonished at the stunning bright white roses. Nestled among the gleaning white a few have a slight pink tint.

Unreal the perfection of our creator’s creations. Unreal when we can observe and appreciate this world and unblemished nature.

The rose bushes are set perfectly in the corners of the octagonal garden, a garden protected by the manicured green grass and a carefully cemented path.

Another green spectacular sight are the tall topiary trees reaching, reaching, reaching for the sky.

Sigh…a moment of grace and suspension from reality, and at the same time, I’m completely present in all that surrounds me.

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